Pick one of the following fit issues to get Topper's thoughts on achieving the right fit:



A discreet word from Topper on the subject of shirt hems: ��The hem of a gentleman's shirt has as much impact on his appearance as the bottoms of his trouser legs - although rather less visible in normal circumstances. Too high and the shirt "rides up." Too low and an unwanted "skirt" of extra material clutters an area better kept clear and flowing. Just right and the shirt ‘sits’ as it should, providing the wearer with the combination of comfort and effortless style he always wanted.”

As ever, Topper is right. The length ofmen’s big and tall shirts is an often-overlooked detail that can make a real and important difference to the look and feel of the fit. It’s the last part of the whole shirt fitting jigsaw puzzle, top-to-bottom. Getting the length right means the difference between an elegant transition from shirt to pant, or an obvious interruption that attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Since different looks require different treatment, tucked-in or not tucked-in, more can go wrong than you might think. Here are some common problems with shirt length that we see good men enduring unnecessarily.