Pick one of the following fit issues to get Topper's thoughts on achieving the right fit:



Topper says: “A gentleman is neither a turtle nor a walrus. The neck of his shirt therefore should avoid resembling a cavern that swallows his neck to the chin, leaving him looking like a nervous terrapin; nor should it be a tube of such tightness that the wearer’s neck and head appear to be bulging forward like a sea lion’s.”

Topper does enjoy a vivid turn of phrase. And while an ill-fitting collar may not always have quite such a spectacular impact, it is true beyond any doubt that the fit of the collar on a man’s shirt has long been important. This is not least because many factory-produced men’s shirt dimensions are governed principally by the size of the neck and length of the sleeve. In reality, these measurements are only a part - although an important one - of the whole story of a well fitting shirt.

As one of the pioneers of men’s big and tall shirts we at Westport Big & Tall know that more than 30 measurements actually go into a shirt’s specification. Knowing that, you see immediately that two measurements alone fall somewhat short of telling you if a shirt is really going to fit or not!

Still, we must concede that the collar of a shirt can make the entire look start off wrong if it’s not done well. Conversely, a shirt with the right fitting collar can add a touch of real class - or the impact of (a good) surprise - to an otherwise traditional suit. There are several kinds of collars to choose from, but there are really only a couple of ways that their fit can go wrong.