Westport Big & Tall Attends MRket & Project New York

Westport Selects Merchandise for Fall/Holiday 2018

From the last two weeks of December through early February each year, the Westport buying team views clothing lines from dozens of brands at a few of the largest menswear conventions in the country. This is where they evaluate all of the products they're presented with, and begin creating merchandise collections for the Fall and Holiday 2018 catalogs.


These two videos show glimpses of the MRket and Project New York trade shows at the Javits Convention Center. Here, hundreds of brands set up booths displaying their newest offerings. Project NY features the latest in contemporary menswear, premium denim, and high-end designer collections. It’s a great place to shop for not only menswear, but accessories as well. MRket New York is the more established, global convention, which features many of the upscale menswear brands on the market today. Clothing, shoes, and accessories can be found throughout along with various sub-sections, such as the fashion-forward Vanguards Gallery and the Italia section.