The Guide to Men's Summer Fashion

Men's Summer Fashion

There are certain elements to creating the perfect summer wardrobe. It’s all in the pieces and structure of a wardrobe. Menswear is well-known for being very high-quality, and minimal in aesthetics. When it comes to fashion, men like what they like. They’re loyal to their brands and tend to replace more so than shop continuously. It’s safe to presume that the core of mens fashion consists mainly of creative solid pieces. Their closets should have a few classic basics, custom designs, and a touch of eclecticism in accessories. The overall sensibility of fashion for the upcoming summer months are relaxed yet casual. The warmer months call for holiday and vacationwear too. Certain sections in a mans closet are a must for a functional wardrobe. The sections most frequent for summer will be outlined in this article and accompanied by some choice examples to help connect each specific style. No matter what your taste level; there’s something to elevate all who aim to be fashion forward!

There are so many options in mens style to explore. Transitional pieces that can transform work to play are all the more highly sought after. With sustainability and investment shopping being the latest trend, more brands are offering clothing that will last through rigorous wear. The designs don’t have to be boring either. They can be sleek and cater to all demographics. Clothing that does not sacrifice style for comfort are inspiring and cool. Fashion forward men who purchase items like these find it easier to coordinate and get the most out of their wardrobe. Often times we buy things that are popular but find that we never wear them or work them into our wardrobe. Understanding what styles work well with ones lifestyle is also a wise approach to shopping. Methods of styling that only call for small editions to make them fancy will create memorable summer swag. Exposure to a variety of brands will also help a person find an impressive personal style statement.

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When the word ‘essentials’ come to mind, we often think in terms of basics. A solid basic wardrobe is the key to dressing well. It’s the origin of style. To build a wardrobe, the keys are simple: A white tee-shirt , black button down shirt, gray sweatshirt hoodie, and blue jeans (light and dark). Brands aren’t necessarily specified here because that shouldn’t be the focus at the start. Think of these more as the base of a look. They are selected due to their layering ability. They can be worn alone or with heavier items. Pieces like the ones mentioned are reliable, and if possible, should be bought in multiple colors. The quality of these items is worth the investment too. They are constructed mainly from natural fibers, and for certain items, a mix of poly fibers or stretchy synthetics materials make caring for basic garments easy. Investing money for clothing upfront will save money in the long run.

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Next, we have the FORMAL basics. These include the oxford cloth shirt, along with a gingham, for a bit of pattern. The suits alone come in a variety of styles and depending on the type of formal occasion, should be properly altered. These are the key formal basics and should be styled as a ‘focal’ piece. This is the second layer to a wardrobe. The suit should be fitted, but also if possible, custom made. These pieces are staples too and built to last. It makes sense that they are pricier. It’s rewarding to own something bought years ago that still work. A custom made or great quality formal suit is worth its weight in gold.

Finally, we come to the accessories. Focus on items that are comfortable yet cool: Relaxed sneakers, ties, and a cool baseball hat come to mind. These items are ones that can have multiple patterns, and interesting details. Finally, dress shoes; they are perfect for the office and should be selected in brown, black, and made of a durable textile, such as leather..

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Regardless of the unpredictable weather and restrictions for outdoor events, summer is still a great season to express sleek and sexy style. With mens fashion, casual style is highly favored due to the untimely events brought on by the world pandemic. The ‘new norm’ brings with it a free, loose, and easy-going state of mind. Light weight fabrics, such as cotton, and linen used to make breathable textiles are the go-to for expressive summer style. Work-to-play wear is necessary, as most people are not going to the office. Styles that are easy to coordinate and transform will help accommodate an introverted yet busy lifestyle. Creative styling methods will achieve to most optimum looks. For example; after a long day of work at the home office, easily combine a light-weight neutral colored pants in breathable fabric, like moisture-wicking pants with a light outerwear jacket, such as Cutter & Buck Drytec Half-Zip Pullover. It’s a clever way to dress up casually and effortlessly too. Footwear in the form of low top sneakers such as the Olukai Nohea Mesh Slip-On helps to give the laid back look a bit more sleek appeal. The key is to be able to easily step out.

Denim is everyone’s go to pants when one thinks of relaxed wear. Experimenting with different fabrics will introduce a whole new range of fashion options. Accessorizing is also still fine with this type of trend. Less is definitely more. Glam helps to amp up casual flare; wrists jewelry, like the Westport Black Double Braid Silver Hook Bracelet is just the right finishing touch to tie off this look. Again, less is more; since the sensibility of the fashion season is chill-lux, the essentials that have a polished finish tend to be the go to for the season.



Summer time in the city, or anywhere is fine; but who doesn't look forward to holiday or vacation during the warmer months. This is where luxury steps in; think simple. This should be treated as a sub category to a mans wardrobe; staycations are also now very popular due to the ‘new norm’. Let’s begin with swimwear. These Westport Lifestyle Swim Trunks are quirky, and makes one standout. The vibrant colors and beautiful patterns are inspiring and very kitsch. Never be hesitant when it comes to color for summer. Bold patterns that pop have eclectic flare. Take a look at these long-sleeved pattern sport shirts with their popping prints. Floral patterns are the conventional print for summer and is popular in all trends, but this twist steps outside of the fashion comforts zone and challenges the norm. Bottoms like these Peter Millar Performance Shorts in a berry or pink tone will off-set the mundane neutral khaki style. They are cargo inspired, with pockets, and are a great substitute for the draw string waist. Accessories like an Italian Woven Cotton Elastic Belt is perfect for this overall style. The woven constructions resonates summer, and the array of colors allows for trendy fashion styling. Sandals are a must for vacation footwear. High quality and durable sandals are preferred, not foam flip-flops. Check out these from UGG Australia or these from Olukai; wear them to the beach, or just out as a tourist. They’re comfortable, and the neutral tone works well with bold colors. Breathable and comfortable shoes are more conventional but these Swims Water-Resistant Penny Loafers are for going out. These are close toed, breathable, and better suited for going out on the town to restaurants or more dressy affairs. 

It’s easy to organize a perfect men's summer wardrobe. The elements of style are simply put, the focus of quality. Neutral key pieces will always be on trend, while bold unconventional patterns and colors will boost the appeal of any look, there are neutral styles that remain the jewels of mens fashion. The ‘new norm’ is no longer an inhibitor of fashion. There are styles that are convenient to any change in the world. The examples above are a great place to start but remember to add your personal touch. Be inspired to put your unique best foot forward!

Date Published: April 14, 2021

Updated: January 3, 2024