Styling Men's Black Jeans

How To Style Men’s Black Jeans

While shades of blue are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of jeans, denim comes in a variety of colors—including black. Black might never be your daily go-to, but it is a fun way to mix things up. Wear just as you would your dark wash denim, but in case you need a bit more inspiration consider the outfit ideas below.

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How to Select Your Men’s Black Denim Jeans

For maximum versatility choose a pair that are tapered but not skinny, and wide enough that you can roll the cuffs when you want. Your black denim should be jet black and have a bit of stretch. Leave your relaxed fit denim options to your shades of blue.

Casual Friday Office Attire

If you have Casual Friday at work but still want to look polished pair your black denim with a patterned button down and a textured blazer. Bonus points if your button down has a bit of black in the pattern but avoid going too dark from head to toe. You could even wear a flannel button down. We like the idea of a textured blazer so that every layer of your outfit has a different look and feel. Dress shoes or a semi-casual shoe works best with this styling.

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With a Bold Blazer

This look is one way to get a bit of wear out of your lighter colored spring and summer separates. If you are looking for a casual cool evening or date night look, pair your black denim with a pop of color. Pair with a black turtleneck or luxury black tee, and a vibrant blue blazer. A white or burgundy blazer would also pop. Wear with dress shoes or a solid color leather sneaker.

With a Cardigan or Sweater

It’s chilly, so it’s time to bring out the cardigans and sweaters. Black is a neutral so it will go with every cardigan or sweater in your closet. Be sure to layer a tee, turtleneck or button down underneath. Add a tie to dress things up, and if your sweater is lightweight you can layer a blazer over this look. If it’s cold and wet pair with either a chic leather boot or a functional winter boot.


If you love the look of athleisure wear but don’t want to wear an athletic pant, wear your black denim instead. Pair with everything from hoodies to sweatshirts and athletic pullovers. Don’t hesitate to layer a casual jacket on top to pull the look together and provide warmth and comfort. Tennis shoes are a must with athleisurewear. Choose from a standard sneaker to a high-end leather slip-on. Your sneakers can match or be a pop of color.

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With Your Favorite Flannel

Pair your black denim with a cozy tee and an unbuttoned flannel. This is a perfect way to stay casual and warm, but dress things up a bit more than when wearing lighter wash denim. No need to feel like you must match your color story, as almost any neutral colored tee (white, black, blue, grey) will work with any flannel you have in your closet. Choose your shoes by the weather and what you will be doing, either tennis shoes or winter boots.

Black and Brown

If you want a look that is clean but easy pair your black denim with a black shoe, white top, and brown layer. Your options here are endless and could look either casual or polished. One idea is to pair a black boot or tennis shoe with a white tee and a casual brown jacket. Elevate this same color combination with a black dress shoe or sleek black boot, white sweater or button down, and a camel colored blazer.

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Head to Toe Black

Head to toe black can look either chic or edgy. For a chic look pair your black denim with dress shoes, a cashmere turtleneck sweater or chunky cardigan, and black tee or turtleneck. Or, pair your black denim with dress shoes, a black V-neck tee, and black blazer. For an edgy look pair black boots with a black leather jacket and either a black or white tee shirt. If leather is not your style, any black casual jacket will do.

Mixed Denim

Yes, you can mix denim! If you have a blue denim button down in your closet pair, it with your black denim jeans. Wear unbuttoned or halfway buttoned, with a white, grey, black or burgundy t-shirt layered underneath. This look also works with a blue denim jacket, plain or fleece-lined. Choose a casual or semi-casual shoe or boot in white, brown, or black.

Looking for the perfect denim? Westport Big and Tall has a large selection of luxury blue and black men’s denim jeans. Here’s to making the most of your wardrobe!