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E.J. Topper's Fabric Tips:

Attractive women and catchy slogans have been trying to convince you of what Topper has known for decades--cotton is great. It is inexpensive. It is versatile. It is great for layering. But with cotton being so ubiquitous, how do you know when and how to wear it? Topper offers a few tips.

You can make cotton work for you,” according to Topper. “The question is not whether cotton will work for the look you are going for, but how would you like to use cotton to make your look and comfort work. That’s one reason I love the stuff.”

Topper is right about cotton’s versatility. You can find a cotton garment to meet any of your garment needs. Cotton is so versatile, because it can be woven in a variety of ways. Its flexibility allows garment makers to produce a variety of textiles from cotton giving you a range from thick cotton sweaters to delicate lace.

“Thickness and weave are the next considerations. Tightly-woven, carefully chosen cotton garments make nice sweaters and shirts. Less tightly-woven garments allow more air and are slightly less refined, yet excellent if made well.”

Choose cotton garments based on their look and how you will wear them, knowing that their cotton threads will serve you well in all occasions and climates.