Westport Wraps Up the Season

Westport Wraps Up the Spring/Summer 2018 Buying Season

Westport starts its first day at MRKet New York in the Javits Convention Center. Here, hundreds of clothing companies catering to every style, price-tier, and demographic have booths set up along the seemingly endless rows of walkways on the show floor. Westport’s buyers work long days at these conventions. It takes time to consider the vast array of product choices laid out before them, and select only the best and most relevant garments for their customers.



The Italia section of Mrket New York is comprised exclusively of Italian clothing brands and manufacturers. The booths here contain smaller, more curated collections that come with higher average prices, but are made with quality materials and the legendary Italian workmanship that’s renowned around the world. Going from booth to booth, you can hear the animated salespeople chat in Italian and seamlessly switch to English as they greet you to talk about their lines. And in the center of the entire section, you’ll find a cart set up that’ll serve you Italian-style espresso, cappuccino, or macchiato – all for free. Not a bad diversion from the busy workday.