How It Should Fit: The Thighs of a Men's Pant


Thigh Noon

Topper’s view is simple: clothes exist to fit you comfortably and make you look great. The right outfit is right there, especially if you turn to the experts in big and tall fitting. And that expertise is never more necessary than in the case of perfectly fitting pants. Topper says: “In pursuit of pants perfection, don’t fixate on waistband or leg length exclusively. How your legs look all the way down matters too. So start at the top. It’s thigh time you considered how things are panning out above the knee.”

In the search for a pair of pants that look halfway decent, the average man will compromise on a thing or two. As a result, he may end up with pants that either hug his thighs too tight or flap around in the breeze. But why be average when you don't need to? When you select big and tall pants that are designed with the details that fit your proportions, whether you're tall, broad or both, you're able to feel comfortable - and look good - in your clothes.

Here at Westport Big & Tall, we realize all measurements must be taken into consideration when you're searching for the ideal pants -- not just waist and inseam. Don't settle for pants that don't fit the thighs properly just because they're long enough and wide enough. Here are a few problems you should avoid, along with Topper’s invaluable insights.

"The Sausage Casing"

Help Me Topper: It feels like the pants fabric along my thighs couldn’t cling any closer. As a result, I’m dealing with the appearance of wearing something along the lines of tights or wrestling gear … not quite the look I was going for.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Clearly, your pants don't allow room for a fuller fit along the thighs.

Topper’s Top Tips: The thigh is the largest part of the leg and - depending on your build – can potentially complicate achieving a really good big and tall fit. This is addressed through the particular cut of the pants, which can be designed for a fuller or a more streamlined fit. Pleated-front pants also oftentimes offer a little more room in the thigh.

To arrive at the best option, you will need to consider the waistband, leg opening and your own sense of comfort. You should be able to pinch about ½" of fabric over the thigh; anything more is too baggy and anything less is too tight.

"The Airborne Division"

Help Me Topper: While I walk, the fabric around my legs produces a distinct billowing effect … like I could have used it to safely parachute from a very great height.

Topper’s Diagnosis: You're wearing pants that fit perfectly around your waist. However, your legs aren't as fortunate; they're swallowed up in a tremendous amount of extra fabric because the pants legs are disproportionate to the rest of your body.

Topper’s Top Tip: For many men, especially those who are broad, a larger waist doesn't necessarily mean they have larger thighs. Likewise, tall men may choose a larger waist just to make sure that their pant hems touch their ankles. Flat-front pants may help to take away excess fabric in the thigh, so you don’t end up with much larger pants than necessary. Westport Big & Tall keep those variations in proportion in mind, ensuring that a selection of big and tall pants is available to accommodate your proportions.

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