Pick one of the following fit issues to get Topper's thoughts on achieving the right fit:



When talking of cuffs, Topper has pithy advice up his sleeve. He says: “So much of the secret of a successful look is understatement. Real impact is not the same as distraction. We look our best when everything is working in harmony, across the whole outfit. We look so much less than our best when there is a glitch, a niggle, or a nagging something that’s just not quite right. And one of the most irritating distractions of all is a shirt cuff that draws the wrong kind of attention - to itself and its wearer.”

Not bad for an off the cuff remark, Topper. And we agree entirely. When it comes to cuffs, it may seem that they’re all pretty much the same. But getting the cuff to fit the way it should is fundamental to finishing your ‘just right’ look.

It may also come as a surprise to learn that there are many different sizes and types of cuffs and your specific choice really can change the look of big and tall shirts. For example, the formality of a French cuff with links can dress up your look, while an elastic cuff can dress a shirt down for a casual yet smart appearance.