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E.J. Topper's Fabric Tips:

On a warm summer evening over a burger and a local craft brew, Topper caught me up on his recent dietary changes. “Flax seeds and flax seed oil have become the rage lately, but did you know you could wear the stuff too? I mean, if flax keeps you healthy on the inside, maybe it can keep you looking sharp and healthy on the outside too.”

Okay, so maybe flax in the form of linen is not as helpful to you as it is to you as seeds and oil, but linen is the ideal fabric for hot summer days. It is light and breathable with a soft texture.The drawback is that it wrinkles like crazy and is not as durable as cotton, so you have to pay close attention to its care.

That said, summer begins when you put on your linen shirts and trousers for the first time. When it’s warm enough for linen, summer has arrived and relaxation and fun in the sun are all that should concern you. Some linens are woven well enough to be suitable for the office, but you should typically reserve your linens for more casual affairs.

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