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E.J. Topper's Fabric Tips:

“I used to think of elastane as an eyesore, but now I think of it as a God-send,” Topper related recently after a hearty meal of steak, baked potatoes, green beans, and key lime pie. “When I thought elastane I thought of Richard Simmons and those multi-colored workout videos from the 80s. But now, I love having a bit of elastane in the waist of my pants, especially after meals like this!”

You might know elastane as spandex, that stretchy microfiber that stays tight to your skin no matter where you move. Wearing 100% elastane clothing is not for the faint of heart, and the modern gentleman should avoid it. Elastane serves you best as part of a blend when it gives your garments the ability to stretch without losing too much shape.

Elastane is great in the waistband of your dress pants or built into your golf polos. The fabric does not breath well, so blends on the lower end are best for more active clothing. Think of elastane as giving you the freedom to be you while keeping your clothes fitting properly.