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E.J. Topper's Fabric Tips:

Let’s face it. When you’re looking for a shirt, you’re looking at its color, style and size. You’re probably not overly concerned with how a shirt is woven, but spending a minute to learn about poplin weave will be worth the time.

“I never used to care about weaves either. Oxford, Herringbone, Poplin, Twill. They were all the same,” Topper remarked in a recent conversation. “But as I started shopping in London and began to look more closely at shirts, I realize that weave does make a difference.”

There are many ways to weave fabrics, especially cotton. Over the years, several weaves have become standards and each offers its own unique shape and style to fashion. Choosing a weave means recognizing the pattern threads make, which contribute to the overall look of your shirt.

“Poplin is one of my favorite weaves because it’s tight yet breathable. Its tightness means it is durable, but also offers some texture, and usually a bit of shine to make my dress shirts sharp over the long haul. Poplin weaves are durable and stylish. I highly recommend them.”

A poplin shirt is a great match for your suits and jackets. It provides elegance and style that will keep you looking sharp in your next meeting. Take Topper’s advice and consider the weave of your shirt.