Pick one of the following color palettes to get Topper's thoughts on piecing together the right combinations:


Topper's Guide to Picking the Right Fabrics

Topper says that choosing fabrics is a lot like choosing wine. Of course personal preferences play their role, but to get the right pairing, there are some fundamentals to cover first.

Choosing the right fabric should be simple– linen for summer, wool for winter, drytech for the gym, etc.– but modern fabrics are more versatile than these simple categories might make you think. A light wool shirt can be a good choice on a summer day, and polyester blends can be a good choice for work and play. To really understand how your choice of fabrics can change how you look and feel, there's no substitute for trying different combinations and developing your preferences over time, and several seasons.

Like a master sommelier, Topper can help you refine your fabric palette until you find the ones that fit lifestyle, fashion and figure.

Picking the Best Fabrics