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E.J. Topper's Fabric Tips:

Topper travels like Michael Jordan scored in the NBA--often and with style. When you travel that much you know that an agile wardrobe includes a selection of microfiber garments.

Microfibers like polyester and nylon are perfect for traveling because they offer breathability in a lightweight package, and when sized properly, a sophisticated style. Soft and refined microfibers maintain their shape and are extremely durable. They wick away sweat and resist stains.

In short, microfibers are the perfect travel attire. Lighter microfibers are great in the summer or for a workout at the gym. Heavier microfibers are a solid component in your weekly work attire.

It used to be that fabrics like polyester got a bad rap for being cheap, shiny imitations of fine cottons and wools. But technology (and popular mindset) has changed over the years, and microfibers now offer elegance and style while maintaining their easy-to-maintain properties.

Microfibers can be worn year round and are especially great in cooler months. They do not breath as well as wool and cotton, so you want to avoid tighter fitting 100% microfibers when it is hot. However, poly blends and specially-designed microfibers for workouts are great for wicking away moisture and keeping you cool.

“The trick is reading labels and descriptions. A fine poly blend will stay wrinkle-free in your suitcase as you travel, but a poor microfiber will make you hot when the sun is out. Read what the garment is designed for and buy accordingly,” says Topper. “Trust me. You can impress your colleagues and clients from Dubai to Djibouti to Hong Kong in well chosen microfibers.”