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When the warm weather arrives, you want to be ready. That's why Westport Big & Tall offers dozens of different styles of big and tall men's shorts in a multitude of colors. For our taller customers, shorts are always a bit of a tricky proposition, so we make sure to carry the most trusted brands, including: Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama, Cutter & Buck, Bills Khakis and more.
Please spend a few moments looking through our selection of big and tall men's shorts, making sure to note the array of colors for each style. For cool and casual, it's all right here.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Flat-Front Chino Shorts
Customer Rating
Westport 1989 Coolmax Moisture-Wicking Solid Shorts
Polo Ralph Lauren Chino Fatigue Shorts
Westport 1989 Pleated Stonewashed Twill Shorts
Cutter & Buck Flat-Front Stretch Tech Shorts
Cutter & Buck Flat-Front Twill Shorts
Westport 1989 Pleated Wrinkle Free Twill Shorts
Callaway Flat Front Houndstooth Tech Shorts
$85.00 $29.99
Cutter & Buck Pleated Microfiber Shorts
Cutter & Buck Wrinkle-Free Twill Shorts
Callaway Heathered Tech Shorts
$85.00 $29.99
Tommy Bahama Cargo Solid Board Shorts
$98.00 $39.99
Polo Ralph Lauren Flat-Front Madras Shorts
$98.00 $48.99
Polo Ralph Lauren Flat-Front Seersucker Shorts
$89.50 $44.99
Cutter & Buck Plaid Poplin Flat-Front Cotton Shorts
$95.00 $34.99
Cutter & Buck Solid Oxford Flat-Front Cotton Shorts
$95.00 $37.99
Callaway Tech Cargo Shorts
$75.00 $24.99
Callaway Flat-Front Tech Shorts
$75.00 $36.99
Toscano Linen Cargo Shorts
$99.50 $34.99
Toscano Linen Drawstring Shorts
$99.50 $39.99
Polo Ralph Lauren Commander Cargo Shorts
$89.50 $44.99
Bills Khakis Pleated Island Twill Shorts
$118.00 $49.99
Bills Khakis Pleated Seersucker Shorts
$125.00 $54.99
Thaddeus Flat-Front Woven Plaid Shorts
$99.00 $39.99
36 Products | View All | 1 2
Big and Tall Mens Shorts: The Long and Short of It

Big and Tall Mens Shorts: The Long and Short of It

When it's time to sport those shorts, you want to make sure you are looking good. Just because it's not a suit, however, doesn't mean there aren't things to consider when picking our big and tall mens shorts that look just right. Let's take look at some of the main things to consider.

  • Pleats or Flat Front: While what's in style seems to go back and forth every year, you really can't go wrong with either the flat front or the pleats. If you choose pleats, however, you must be sure you get the right size waist. If the waist is too tight, it will pull on the pleats, fanning them out and making them look unflattering.
  • Solids or Patterns: When in doubt, you can't go wrong with solid colors. In fact, tans and beiges are pretty universal and appropriate in nearly every shorts-wearing situation. Colors and patterns are a little more tricky and usually reserved for more casual situation where a little fun and spontaneity are in order.
  • Elastic or Traditional Waist: Again, this is another situation where you have to make sure you get the waist size exactly right, particularly with elastic waistband shorts. Some guys prefer the comfort and give the elastic offers, but if you get them a little too small, it can actually accentuate your "love handles" and undermine the satisfaction you get from the comfort.
  • Cargos or Bermudas: While many people just see the pockets on cargo shorts as a a design element—and there is nothing wrong with that—don't forget they actually serve a functional purpose. For those who like to spend a good amount of time on the tennis court, they are ideal for holding extra tennis balls. If you are on the golf course, they are handy for extra tees and your scorecard. In most situations, either cargos or Bermudas and other non-pocket big and tall mens shorts will work just fine. Just remember how you like to spend your time before you buy.

Paired with jeans, khakis and even cargo shorts, polo shirts are among the most flexible ways to achieve that casual look without going too informal, which makes them perfect for nearly every occasion. Take advantage of the thorough selection of big and tall polo shirts at Westport Big & Tall.

As part of our continued commitment to customer service, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about any of our products, including our selection of polo shirts.

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