A very broad category, casual pants can be considered any pair of pants that are not dress pants. This department contains everything from the ubiquitous denim jeans to five-pocket pants, chinos, sweatpants, and more situational garments like performance golf pants or drawstring linen pants. To help you in your search for that perfect big and tall pant, we recommend considering not only the occasion (casual, semi-casual, slightly-dressed up “smart-casual”) you’ll be wearing them for, but also the seasonality of the garment. Some pants wear extremely comfortably in the warmer weather, but can feel way too cold for the fall or winter, or vice-versa. And as a general rule, chinos and darker denim are dressier than lighter denim or most five-pocket pants. Most of our big and tall pants have either a straight or relaxed cut, but fits generally vary from brand to brand. We recommend trying a few different ones to find your favorites.

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Stretch 5-Pocket Dress Pants
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