E.J. Topper’s Fabric Tips – Fleece

Fleece is the synthetic equivalent to wool. In many ways, though fleece is superior to wool because it is inexpensive to produce, light-weight, and warm.

“Over the years I have hiked many mountains, endured some terrible storms, and been soaked countless times in rough seas. In those moments I have worn every fabric you can imagine, but none have been as flexible and delivered as much warmth and quick-drying flexibility as well as fleece,” said Topper after a morning hike up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. “What I love about fleece is that it is great for layering in that it is thin and warm, but it also keeps you quite warm when worn as a top layer. It is absolutely ideal for being active outdoors, but can also be great to throw on for a cool night around the campfire with the grandkids.”

You may think of fleece as being only for jackets, but here at Westport Big & Tall we have fleece in a variety of options. Fleece is a great option for jackets, but it is also a stellar fabric blended into sweaters, half-zip pullovers, workout gear, and even trousers. If you want quality warmth without the weight, add some fleece to your wardrobe today.


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