How It Should Fit: The Sleeves of a Men's Suit Jacket


A Call to Arms

Topper is fair but firm when it comes to the sleeves of a jacket. "You wouldn’t dream of drawing the wrong kind of attention to your hands by having dirty or ragged fingernails, so why even contemplate having a whole room stare at your arms because your sleeves don’t fit properly?"

Sleeves of the wrong length are some of the most apparent and the most challenging jacket problems. Topper says: "To see if your sleeves are the right length, stand straight with your arms to the side, and look at the lengths. You want the jacket sleeve to basically hit you at the break of the wrist. This is usually somewhere around 4.5 inches up from the tip of your thumb. Ideally, you should be able to see the base of your hand and a quarter to a half inch of shirt sleeve."

If you want to avoid the "I just borrowed this jacket from somebody I have never met before" look, read on and know these issues.

"The Short Story"

Help Me Topper: My jacket sleeve ends at or above my wrist and more than half an inch of shirt sleeve is showing.

Topper’s Diagnosis: As the great Sherlock Holmes tells us, sometimes it pays not to overlook the obvious. Your jacket sleeves are too short!

Topper’s Top Tips: You need to buy jackets with longer sleeves. Many tailors will also be able to alter sleeves to meet you requirements. One significant point is to ensure you buy a big or tall size truly suitable for you, rather than always go for a larger regular size with a larger number. Big or Tall sizes such as Regular, Long, X-long, Portly Regular, Portly Long and Portly X-Long are specifically tailored to provide correct sleeve lengths without distorting the other jacket measurements.

"The Hand-Me-Down"

Help Me Topper: My jacket sleeve is totally masking my shirt sleeve and cuff and covering too much of my hand. It looks like I borrowed my Dad's jacket as a kid.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Your jacket sleeves are too long!

Topper’s Top Tip: You may need to buy a jacket with shorter sleeves or have them adjusted by a tailor. You should note that if you select the appropriate big size or tall size jacket, you are more likely to find the sleeve to meet your size requirement properly.

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