How It Should Fit: The Waist of a Men's Pant


The Waist Banned?

Topper says: “Never forget. The man wears the pants. The pants do not wear the man. If a man’s pants are pulling him in directions he would rather not go, then it’s time to take stock. Squeezing, bulging and sagging are not for the discerning gentleman. The waistband should accommodate whatever challenge is put its way; and it should do so unobtrusively and without apparent effort, with a focus on comfort and clean lines.” Amen to that, Topper! But how can the dream of big and tall pants perfection be made reality? The answer lies in choosing fit for purpose.

Well-designed men's pants are marked by their ability to fall seamlessly in place, without a wrinkle, fold or pucker in sight. As a big and tall man, you may right now be settling for the frankly less than sightly appearance of waves and wrinkles, especially if you're not accustomed to shopping for pants designed with your shape front of mind. The waist band in particular can be a problematic area. Topper’s counsel is always to shop Westport Big & Tall and enjoy clothes that are designed with you in mind and with a true aim to exceed your expectations.

Stop settling. If you're facing wrinkling issues with your waistband, it's time to finally iron them out with a pair of pants that truly fit your silhouette. To help you leave the waistland of ill-fitting pants for ever, Topper shares some insights into an all-too-common slacks scenario and its remedy.

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Help Me Topper: The pants fabric underneath my waist is marked by a series of wrinkles, interrupting those smooth lines that I know define truly well-fitting pants.

Topper’s Diagnosis: While other parts of your pants may fit OK, your front waistband is not cut to accommodate your mid-section. As a result, the fabric beneath it droops under your stomach, causing a series of unsightly wrinkles. This is often the outcome for men who fixate on the number on the tag instead of buying their true size. Remember, sometimes the numbers can lie!

Topper’s Top Tips: For big and tall men, purchasing pants can be a challenge if you're not shopping clothes specifically designed for you. As a result, you inevitably compromise on fit. For example, the length of the pants may be perfect, but you end up with pant legs that are too loose, or oversized waistlines. Or, on the other hand (or other leg), the pants may fit in the hips but not the waist. Westport Big & Tall work closely with manufacturers to ensure that pants are designed to fit the specifications of men with taller or broader proportions.

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