How It Should Fit: The Seat of a Men's Pant


The Seat of Sartorial Learning

Topper says: “When purchasing an automobile, you take your time checking all the angles … including the rear view. Why? Because it matters, of course. When it comes to your wardrobe, the rear view also makes a huge impression on your overall appearance. Don’t rush choosing your pants. Do your research and don’t fly by the seat of them.”

Yet, in spite of Topper’s wise counsel, many men neglect to purchase pants that fit as well in the back as they do in the front. Don't make that mistake, please. When putting on a pair of pants, make sure you take a look at your rear. If you're noticing the following issues that Topper has logged down the years, chances are you're in the wrong pair. Let our experts at Westport Big & Tall help select pants that will have you feeling confident … whether you're coming or going.

"The Tightwad"

Help Me Topper: The area along the seam of my pant seat is strained, causing the fabric to pull into a vertical line along my, er, well along my tush.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Your pants are too tight around the hips and thighs. In addition, the pant seat may not be constructed with attention to details, including the yoke, a piece of fabric that sits between the seat of the pants and the waistline. Keep in mind that the yoke provides shape and structure to the rear of the pant.

Topper’s Top Tips: Selecting pants constructed specifically for the proportions of big and tall men makes a tremendous difference in fit. Westport Big & Tall have years of expertise in understanding the wardrobe needs of big and tall clothing customers. They’ll be very happy to help.

"The Saggy Baggy"

Help Me Topper: My pants fit through my thighs and waist, and reach my ankles, so I thought they can't be all that bad. However, I’ve failed to pay attention to the rear view, which frankly features an unflattering amount of droopy fabric around my buttocks.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Many pants are only designed with a few dimensions in mind, leaving a significant proportion of the male population uncomfortably squirming in ill-fitting attire. In this case, you are likely purchasing pants that fit round the waist but leave too much fabric hanging in the seat. What to do?

Topper’s Top Tip: Shop from clothing that has been measured and cut to fit the silhouettes of a wide range of big and tall men, taking into consideration the appropriate seam, yoke and seat measurements that are used to design quality, well-fitting pants.

"The Concertina Smuggler"

Help Me Topper: In my case, folds seem to be multiplying around the seat of my pants. In fact, I strongly suspect they may also be appearing on the front of my pants leg, spreading from the crotch.

Topper’s Diagnosis: You finally found a pair of pants that fit in the waist and legs. However, when purchasing your pants, you may have neglected an important detail: the rise of the pants, which you will recall is marked by the distance from the seam of the crotch to the top of the waistband. This area of the pants, which can vary from low and short rise to regular and high rise, can make or break a comfortable fit.

Topper’s Top Tip: Understanding your overall measurements is essential to an ideal fit. For example, if you're 6 feet or taller, your best option likely is high rise, which will give you a few extra inches over the low rise pants popular among the general population. High rise pants can bring more balance to your look. Make sure you shop at stores that offer more clothing options for big and tall men. At Westport Big & Tall, we believe you should not have to settle for just good enough. We only work with manufacturers who are willing to go the distance in creating big and tall clothing that is designed to fit you, without the wrinkles, folds, puckering or pulling that can ruin your appearance.

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