How It Should Fit: The Rise of Men's Pants


The Rise of the Right Fitting Pants

Topper says: “For many men, pants are sized in terms of waist and inseam length. This seems, pardon the pun, like a simple equation. Too simple in fact because it fails to accommodate the fact that men’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most important aspects of the fit of pants is the rise. Although little considered by most men, the rise deeply influences how pants will sit on your body.”

So what is this mysterious "rise"?

Let’s get very slightly technical for a moment. The rise on a pair of pants is the distance from the crotch seam (between your legs) to the top of the waistband; this distance is important as it can influence where your waistline appears to be.

When looking from the side the ideal position of your waistline is parallel to the floor, and this makes for a great test with any pair of pants. First, make your waistline parallel to the ground. Then, if it feels like it’s riding up into the crotch area, this means you may need a longer rise. If you are left with bunching of fabric in the front or back, this would suggest you may need a shorter rise.

Here are a few other tell-tale signs from Topper’s case book that confirm your rise isn’t shining:

Pant's rise too short

"The High Roller"

Help Me Topper: My pants make me look exceptionally top-heavy.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Short inseam combined with a regular rise can contribute to a look that over-emphasizes the upper part of the body and makes you appear top heavy.

Topper’s Top Tips: Find pants with a longer rise. This will give the impression of a higher waistline and restore the sense of proportion to your look. For men who are taller, longer-rise big and tall pants are a good option if you want to wear them at the waist instead of the hips.

If you’re trying for a more athletic fit, that’s usually better achieved further down the shirt, through the torso and waist. You might look for a different brand with a sportier fit, instead of buying sizes down.

"The Access All Areas"

Help Me Topper: When I bend over, my back waist pulls down.

Topper’s Diagnosis: Regular-rise pants might be fashionable but they do not provide complete coverage of key areas.

Topper’s Top Tip: For men with a bigger physique, low-rise pants do not have the capability to cover treasured assets, especially when you bend over. To avoid this potentially embarrassing situation, choose sizes that have been tailored with a larger rise to cover all eventualities.

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